Atlas Product Design & Brand Identity

Atlas Informatics, 2014 – 2017


“While this is smart technology, much of Recall’s appeal comes from the design of its user interface.”


For the past few years I've been working with a small team of talented designers and engineers on Atlas, a cross-device productivity suite that creates a centralized, searchable index of your digital life.

Atlas Recall, a visual search tool and the first app of the suite, went into public beta in late 2016. 


Recall makes all your documents, email, chat, and web activity available anywhere, using a single search. Simple but powerful faceted search and a visual display of results based on relevance are at the heart of Recall.

Ideas at Atlas start on paper. A year and a half of ideation, research and user-validated iteration went into producing a search experience that makes finding a needle in a haystack not only doable, but easy and engaging.

In 2015, Atlas needed a logo and all the usual identity stuff. It had been a while, but I dusted off my identity design skills and got to work.